Large-diameter Rotary Sidewall Coring Logging Tool (MRCT)

It could obtain 30 rock cores with diameter of 38mm and length of 65mm in one logging; it could determine if the coring is successful and could measure the length of sampled core during the coring operations; it could insert spacer between core and core to distinguish the position of the core accurately; it could adjust the key parameters of the instrument according to the formation characteristics, and improve the coring efficiency and success of coring; adopt modular construction to facilitate the repair and maintenance of the instrument.

Instrument Features:

l  With powerful adaptation to formation, and could adjust the drilling rate of the coring instrument and the rotational speed of the drill in real time according to the formation; 

l  High coring efficiency and success rate.  Adopt dual-motor drive, one of which could complete the assistance movement of the coring alone, while the other one could drive the drill bit alone to ensure sufficient power performance of the drill bit.  Therefore, it could improve the success rate and efficiency of the coring effectively. 

l  After coring, it could judge if the coring is successful accurately, if yes, it could also measure the length of the sampled core.  Also, it could insert a spacer between different cores to avoid confusion. 

l  Monitor the position and operating status of the downhole instrument in real time, and take measures to improve the success rate of operation according to the status of operation.

Application Conditions:

Wellbore diameter: 190.5mm (7.5in) to 431.8mm (17in)