Enhanced Array Lateral Logging Tool (EALT)

EALT, an array lateral logging tool with multiple investigation depths, is mainly used to measure the high resistivity formation in the conductive mud wells, and could measure four (4) different apparent resistivities of radial penetration depth at the same depth positions, and illustrate the invasion profiles clearly,  and its 0.3m longitudinal resolution is conducive to the evaluation of the thin bed. 

Instrument Features:

l  Provide four (4) different measuring curves of radial penetration depth, and illustrate the invasion profiles clearly;

l  Adopt multiple frequencies to simultaneously measure four (4) curves of different investigation depths; therefore, the four (4) curves are same in resolution and depth; 

l  The well site has one-dimensional inversion rapidly, provides true resistivity RT, the invaded zone resistivity RXO and the invasion depth LXO of formation,

l  All of the currents flow back to the instruments, and eliminate the Groningen phenomena;

l  The longitudinal resolution is 0.3m, and is conducive to the evaluation of the thin bed.

Application Conditions

Wellbore diameter: 127mm (5 in) to 406.4mm (16 in)