Enhanced Enhanced Resistivity Micro-Imager (ERMI)

ERMI converts the changes in formation resistivity of sidewall caused by the changes in cracks, hole, bedding and other formation physical property through high-resolution array microelectrode scanning into images, so as to display the geologic feature of the sidewall formation intuitively and clearly. Analyze the sedimentary tectonics, identify and evaluate the cracks, evaluate the secondary porosity, assess the sorting behavior of the reservoir, judge the direction of geostatic stress and multiple geological analysis application through precise processing of software.      

Instrument Features:

l  Digitize the signals within the polar plate, avoid the noise interference of analog signal in long distance transmission;  

l  Measure the width of dynamic range, and adapt to the measurement environment with high ratio of formation resistivity to mud resistivity;  

l  Six-arm independent thrusting enables the measuring polar plate to maintain a better contact with the sidewall in irregular horehole.   

Application Conditions

Wellbore diameter: 152 mm (6 in) to 406 mm (16 in)

Applicable range of mud resistivity: 0.02~30 ohm·m