Borehole Seismic Instruments GeoWaves

GeoWaves instrument is made by Sercel Company, and could provide 32-stage downhole 3-component universal joint detector GAU acquisition unit to maximum, which could improve VSP operational time-efficiency greatly, and save the platform costs. It could provide various VSP operations, obtain accurate time-depth relationship, formation velocity and imaging.

Instrument Features:

l  Wide range of sampling rate: 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2 and 4ms.

l  The data transmission rate is 2.5Mbits/s when using 7,000 standard 7-core cables.   

l  GEOWAVES could also be connected with GR and CCL short sections, and be used to calibrate depth precisely, thus providing guarantee for subsequent data.

Application Conditions:

Borehole Diameter:  101mm (4in) to 408mm (16in).