LWD Services

MAST (Mono-Pole Array Sonic Tool)

MAST is a LWD tool, and adopts the mode that the monopole transducer sends signals and four array receivers receives such signals. Such tool could collect the monopole full wave signals of the formation in real time, and send the extracted time differences to the ground in real time via downhole waveform real-time processing program. The measured waveform is saved in the memory of the instrument, which can be used for waveform data processing and analysis at later stage. Such instrument could measure the P-wave time differences of the formation in real time, and could also provide S-wave time differences measurements in hard formation.

Instrument Features:

The single-stage sonic LWD computes the sound velocity of formation in real time and transmits to the ground during the drilling process. The real-time velocity values can be used to calculate the porosity, calibrate the seismic reflection and update the pore pressure evaluation data ahead of the drilling bit.

Application Conditions:

l  Applicable borehole size: 8.59.875 inch,

l  Adapt to longitudinal wave scope of slowness in formation 40-150 us/ft