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COSL Honored with the “Best Listed Company Award”
Board Chairman Zhao Shunqiang Wins the “Best Enterprise Leader Award”
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The famous financial magazine China Financial Market released annual awards recently. China Oilfield Services Limited (COSL) was honored with the “Best Listed Company Award”, and Zhao Shunqiang, Board Chairman and CEO of COSL, was awarded the “Best Enterprise Leader Award”, the first time COSL winning the two awards since its listing. 

The appraisal was hosted by China Financial Market, and co-undertaken by several industrial authoritative institutions in Hong Kong, including Wonderful Sky Financial Group, the Listed Companies Committee of the Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association, China Mergers & Acquisitions Association Hong Kong Branch, Chinese Securities Association of Hong Kong, Chinese Asset Management Association of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Institute of Financial Analysts and Professional Commentators Limited and Hong Kong Investor Relations Association.

China Financial Market is a financial magazine targeted at the high-end and professional business executives in the Hong Kong capital market, with readers including domestic and international famous entrepreneurs, senior management and executives in professional investment institutions, professionals in financial institutions, analysts of funds and securities firms, and all those concerned about financial trends in all walks of life. As a platform unleashing values of excellent enterprises and encouraging innovation, the China Financial Market annual awards has received extensive attention and vigorous support from political and business circles in Hong Kong, and gradually developed into a bellwether of Hong Kong’s capital market. The awards focuses on aspects like an enterprise’s strategic management, innovation and growth potential, corporate governance, as well as the creativity and forward-looking vision of enterprise leaders.  

In 2021, with the new changes resulted from the new pattern of dual circulation, new impact from scientific & technological progress and revolution, as well as new challenges arising from peak carbon dioxide emissions, carbon neutrality and energy transformation, COSL insisted on development led by strategies. Under the leadership of Board Chairman and CEO Zhao Shunqiang, the management adjusted development ideas in a timely manner to meet the trend, and devised five major strategies, “technology-driven”, “cost-leadership”, “integration”, “internationalization”, and “regional development”, which won great attention and consistent recognition from capital markets both domestic and abroad.

Amid the ever-changing international environment and under huge stress from production and operation, COSL centers on the five major strategies, and adheres to the Company’s development as a whole. By fostering the awareness of “operation, marketing, cost control and customer service by all”, it has created a positive morale across the Company in which everyone supports and collaborates with each other and strives for the first-class performance with an enterprising spirit.  

In the future, COSL will focus on areas related to deep-water, high temperature and high pressure, heavy oil and low penetration, make further breakthroughs in critical and core technologies, promote the technology development mode, and fully integrate competitive resources to build “high-quality, high-efficiency and low-cost” systems. It will also step-up efforts in R&D, accelerate the conversion of R&D results, and speed up the development of green and low-carbon businesses.

COSL will continue to grow through value-driven, to lead corporate development with strategies, to stimulate vitality through reforms, and to empower core competence with scientific and technological innovation, so as to achieve steady progress under the backdrop of ever-changing industrial development, constantly improve its comprehensive strength, and create more values for the society while enabling quality development.