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COSL Won "Outstanding Listed Company Award 2021”
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The 10th 2021 China Finance Summit and 2021 Sustainable Business Conference (the “Summit”), jointly sponsored by, and many financial media in China, was successfully held in Shanghai. With the theme of "Growth", the Submit initiated the discussion about how we shall gauge and evaluate China's economy under the new global challenges and changes, in order to promote China's sustainable and quality economic development. Leveraging the Company's strong operating capability, good corporate image in the capital market and brand influence, and constant care and positive returns to investors, COSL won the "Outstanding Listed Company Award 2021".

With a firm belief in sustainable development, the Company has been enhancing its corporate governance, optimizing the sustainable development governance system, and incorporating the concept of responsibility into the company's strategy and business development, in order to enhance the Company's competitiveness. In addition, the Company has been an advocate of innovation-driven development. Through increasing the investment in research and development, expediting the scientific and technological progress and continuous optimization of scientific and technological systems and mechanisms, the Company has made breakthroughs in major technologies and accelerated the commercialization of self-development technologies in order to boost the nation's oil and gas reserves and production, and secure the national energy safety. Adhered to the concept of safety and environmental protection, COSL continuously strengthen safety production management, to ensure a safe work environment and highly efficient operation. COSL also proactively fight against climate change by saving energy, reducing emission and lowering carbon footprint to protect environment. COSL believe that actions are the key to support carbon neutrality and environmental preservation.