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COSL Selected into ESG·Vanguard 50 Series Index
Time:2022-11-11 Size:[ Large Medium Small ]

Recently, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and the CSR Cloud published the “ESG BLUE BOOK OF CENTRAL-CONTROLLED LISTED COMPANIES (2022)”, and released the “Central Enterprises ESG·Vanguard 50 Series Index”. 426 listed companies controlled by central enterprises, being the evaluation object, were comprehensively evaluated regarding their ESG governance level, social environmental value creation and risk management level, and based on enterprise comprehensive performance and the specific performance in three sub-sectors of ESG governance, social value and risk management, the corresponding top 50 enterprises were selected respectively. With its outstanding performance in ESG governance, social value and risk management, COSL was selected into the “Central Enterprises ESG·Vanguard 50 Index”, “Central Enterprises ESG · Social Value Vanguard 50 Index” and “Central Enterprises ESG · Risk Management Vanguard 50 Index” this time.

COSL firmly implements the requirements of the state on comprehensively strengthening ecological environment protection and deepening the battle against pollution, adheres to the basic national policy of saving resources and protecting the environment, establishes and improves the environmental protection system, and promotes the standardization of environmental protection work; takes the initiative and makes precise efforts to constantly promote education assistance, consumption assistance, targeted assistance, local assistance, employment assistance and other work and contribute to rural revitalization on an ongoing basis; makes full use of its own business and resource advantages, and actively participates in maritime rescue on the premise of ensuring operation safety; constantly improves the risk management organization system, improves the risk coordination management and control mechanism, and builds a comprehensive risk management framework with the board of directors as the core. COSL establishes risk early warning indicators in various functional areas, enhances risk monitoring and early warning functions, and enhances the ability to prevent and resolve major risks and effectively respond to various types of unexpected risk events.

COSL will continue to improve its professional and technical services and security capabilities, accelerate scientific and technological innovation, adhere to the international road, develop new energy businesses, promote digital transformation and intelligent development, actively fulfill corporate social responsibilities, constantly promote high-quality development, and make new sustainable achievements.