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COSL Won the “ESG Golden Bull Award”
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Recently, China Social Responsibility 100 Forum held the first "ESG Golden Bull Award", and COSL won the "ESG Golden Bull Award" governance pioneer award for its excellent performance in corporate governance, social value and risk management.

COSL is determined to fully implement the national requirements on comprehensively strengthening ecological environmental protection and thoroughly accomplishing the task of pollution prevention and control, adhering to the basic national policy of resource conservation and environmental protection, establishing and improving environmental protection systems and promoting the standardisation of environmental protection. We continuously improve the organisational system of risk management, perfect the risk coordination and control mechanism, and build up a comprehensive risk management structure with the board of directors as the core. COSL firmly practices corporate social responsibility, fights against the COVID-19 pandemic with all its strength, actively participates in maritime rescue, and makes precise efforts in education and employment poverty alleviation.

COSL will continue to strengthen its professional technical service and support capacity, accelerate scientific and technological innovation, adhere to the internationalisation path, develop new energy business, promote digital transformation and intelligent development, actively fulfill its corporate social responsibility, demonstrate the COSL’s spirit of patriotism, commitment, struggle and innovation in promoting the high-quality development of the enterprise, and create higher value for customers, employees, enterprises and society.