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COSL Included in Central Enterprise ESG Vanguard 100 Index
Time:2023-10-17 Size:[ Large Medium Small ]

The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) of the State Council, in collaboration with the CSR Cloud, recently released the "Research Reporton ESG of Listed Companies Controlled by Central Enterprise", which covers a comprehensive evaluation regarding the ESG governance, social and environmental value, and risk management levels among 441 centrally-owned listed companies. The evaluation results have been consolidated into the "Central Enterprise ESG Vanguard 100 Index ", which serves as an important reference for SASAC in promoting ESG initiatives among centrally-owned listed companies. China Oilfield Services Limited (“COSL” or the “Company”) has been selected for its outstanding performance in ESG governance, social value, and risk management, and has simultaneously been included in the "Central Enterprise ESG Vanguard 100 Index" and recognized as an exemplary case in the "Building Responsible Supply Chain" ESG initiatives.

COSL resolutely implements the national requirements for comprehensive strengthening of ecological environmental protection and the vigorous efforts to combat pollution and control. The Company adheres to the fundamental national policy of resource conservation and environmental protection. It has also established and improved environmental protection systems, promoting standardization of environmental protection practices. Leveraging its own business and resource advantages, the Company actively participates in maritime rescue operations while ensuring operational safety. It continuously enhances its risk management organizational structure, and has established a sound risk coordination and control mechanism, conducting a comprehensive risk management framework with the board of directors at its core.

The Company actively responds to the national call for enhancing the modernization level of the industrial and supply chains, as well as promoting supply chain construction and innovative applications. It is committed to building a supply chain management system that integrates risk prevention and control with procurement quality, efficiency, and effectiveness. The Company focuses on advancing green procurement, green logistics, and logistics warehousing, while strengthening resource sharing and resource recycling. These efforts provide support for the Company's vision of becoming a world-class energy service company with distinctive Chinese characteristics.