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COSL wins "Tianma Award for Investor Relations of Chinese Listed Companies" and "New Media Award for Investor Relations"
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On May 25, the winners of the “14th Tianma Award for Investor Relations of Chinese Listed Companies”, sponsored by Securities Times and organised by Guosen Securities, were announced, which attracted much attention in China's capital market. COSL won the "Tianma Award for Investor Relations of Chinese Listed Companies" and the "New Media Award for Investor Relations" among thousands of listed companies competing for the awards, with its excellent performance in the capital market throughout the year.

COSL has always attached great importance to the protection of investors' rights and interests. From the perspective of being responsible to investors, the board of directors and management of the Company have maintained adequate communication with investors through various means such as organising results presentations, road shows, collective reception day activities, SSE e-interaction platform and the Company's capital market strategy exchange meetings, etc., so as to fully convey the Company's development strategies to the capital market and enable investors to maintain continuous attention to the Company and a profound understanding of the Company's strategies.

The "Tianma Award for Investor Relations" is a high recognition of the Company's investor relations management by the capital market. In the future, the Company will continue to properly carry out investor relations management in combination with the new stage of development of the industry and the Company. For different investors, differentiated work will be carried out to convey the philosophy of long-term investment and value investment, continuously protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors, and constantly improve the level of investor relations management of the Company.