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COSL is Awarded the “2023 Outstanding Listed Company Award”
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Recently, the 12th China Finance Summit (CFS) was held in Beijing, with the theme of “Activating high-quality development and surging vitality”. COSL was awarded the “2023 Outstanding Listed Company Award”.

CFS is jointly organized by many authoritative mainstream media in China, such as and Each summit attracts more than 300 authoritative mainstream media, including China Daily, Tencent, NetEase and, to deeply participate in coverage. The event has spread, covered and affected more than 60 million people overall. The CFS has become one of the most influential and popular event for exchange of ideas in China's economic field.

COSL adheres to the concept of sustainable development, continuously improves its corporate governance, and strives to enhance its core competitiveness. It pushes forward such work as production and operation, reform and development, as well as scientific and technological innovation in a coordinated manner, and its resource guarantee capability and resource utilisation efficiency have been significantly improved. What's more, the Company has been continuously improving the utilisation rate of its large-scale equipment, has completed the delivery of 12 LNG-powered vessels, forming a world's largest LNG-powered vessel fleet in the OSV(Offshore Support Vessel) industry. It has also actively adopted a green approach in the development of offshore oilfields. Adhering to the pursuit of innovation-driven development, the Company has increased its input in technical research and development, and the scientific and technological innovation mechanism was more mature. The Company continued to optimize the ecology of scientific and technological innovation, and achieved leap-forward development. In addition, the Company accelerates the transformation of its technological achievements, and has made rapid and significant progress in such technologies as logging, directional drilling, drilling fluids and cementing. It successfully held the CNOOC's “Xuanji” brand conference in March this year, which focused on tackling key core technologies and high-end equipment manufacturing and technology innovation, to build the brand influence of COSL, and accelerate its integration into the competition in the international market, which has helped realise the iterative development of its proprietary brands through continuous exploration.

The Company actively intensifies efforts in the management of its equipment resources, accelerates the industrialisation of its proprietary technologies and products, and contributes to the guaranteeing national energy security and strengthening reserves and production. Also, the Company has made important breakthroughs in development of overseas markets, achieved remarkable results in regional market development, and also gained further recognition from international market for its equipment, technology and integrated services. To conclude, the Company is embarking on a new journey towards high-quality development.