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COSL Wins First North American Contract for Geophysical Surveying Business
Time:2024-01-26 Size:[ Large Medium Small ]

China Oilfield Services Limited (hereinafter referred to as "COSL" or the "Company") has recently won its first contract in North America for its geophysical surveying business, marking the successful entry of the Company's geophysical surveying business into the North American market. The contract adopts the framework agreement and order model, and the successful signing of the contract will help the Company's geophysical surveying business to occupy a stable market share in the regional market.

The Company's geophysical division and its wholly-owned subsidiary, COSL Mexico S.A. de C.V., worked closely to seize market opportunities and further implement the Company's "internationalization" and "regional development" strategies. The Company maintained long-term close contact with the client, took the initiative to understand the client's needs, actively demonstrated our service capabilities, provided customized operation plans, coordinated with the client to plan the operation resources, and strived to provide high-value services to the client. In the end, the Company successfully entered into the service contract with the client for geophysical surveying services in Mexico.

The signing of the contract marks an important breakthrough in the overseas market for the Company's geophysical surveying business, and fully demonstrates the Company's core competitiveness and development potential in the regional market. The Company will take this cooperation as an opportunity to vigorously explore the international surveying market, in-depth cultivate regional markets, continuously enhance customer stickiness, seize opportunities and deepen cooperative relationships, make full use of the advantages of the whole industrial chain, continue to release the value creation capabilities, and promote the Company to become a world first-class energy service provider with Chinese characteristics through high-quality development.