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COSL is Honored with "2023 Social Responsibility Award for Listed Companies"
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Recently, at the 13th Philanthropy Festival and 2023 ESG Summit, the first festival jointly initiated by the mass media in China, China Oilfield Services Limited (hereinafter referred to as "COSL" or the "Company") is honored with the "2023 Social Responsibility Award for Listed Companies" for its outstanding achievements in social responsibility of state-owned enterprises and public welfare donations and assistance.

The Company adheres to the concept of sustainable development, continuously improves corporate governance, optimizes sustainable development governance system, promotes integration of the concept of responsibility into corporate strategy and business development and enhances competitiveness of the Company. The Company also adheres to the concept of safety and environmental protection, continuously strengthens safe production management, ensures safe and efficient operations; actively responds to climate change, strengthens energy conservation and emission reduction as well as carbon reduction, protects the ecological environment, and contributes to carbon neutrality and ecological development with practical actions.

While promoting scientific and technological innovation to lead the green and low-carbon transformation, COSL actively participates in public welfare projects, insists on effectively connecting the consolidation and expansion of the achievements of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, and takes it as an important component in fulfilling the social responsibility of state-owned enterprises. The Company formulates charitable and public welfare donation plans, actively participates in maritime rescue, and makes precise efforts in education, employment, paired assistance and consumption poverty alleviation, etc., demonstrating the social responsibility of central enterprises with practical actions.

In the future, COSL will uphold the corporate spirit of "Always Do Better" and the performance guideline of "Do Everything Diligently", and demonstrate the spirit of COSL, patriotism, responsibility, struggle and innovation, in the process of promoting the high-quality development of the enterprise, and fulfill the Company's high sense of social mission and responsibility.