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COSL Wins the “Tianma Award for Investor Relations of China Listed Companies”
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Recently, China Oilfield Services Limited (hereinafter referred to as “COSL” or the “Company”) won the “Tianma Award for Investor Relations of China Listed Companies” in the selection organized by Securities Times under the supervision of People’s Daily. The organizers and experts from the panel highly praised COSL for its modern corporate governance standards, and high-quality performance in operational market and capital market. 

Since its establishment in 2009, the selection event of Tianma Award has always focused on China’s economic development, explored the intrinsic value within listed companies, and promoted the development of new productive forces from a capital perspective, making it one of the most influential selection events in the Chinese capital market. 

COSL unwaveringly upheld the concept of new development, remained committed to the strategic goal of “becoming a world first-class energy services provider with Chinese characteristics”, and established a new development landscape by implementing five development strategies of “technology-driven”, “cost leadership”, “integration”, “internationalization” and “regional development”. The Company has achieved continuous and steady improvement in performance indicators such as one profit and five ratios, paving the way for a new development path with distinctive characteristics of COSL.

The board of directors and management of the Company were dedicated to building a modern corporate governance system and governance capabilities with excellent performance as the goal and solid upward development fundamentals as the core. The Company maintained high-frequency and high-quality two-way communication with investors through activities such as collective reception days, strategic guidance releases, roadshows, and reverse roadshows, thereby establishing a multi-dimensional investor communication system. Meanwhile, the Company adhered to compliant operations, implemented systematic measures to safeguard the powers and responsibilities of directors and supervisors, ensured high-quality information disclosure, maintained long-term and stable cash dividends, and instilled investment confidence from capital market, aiming to comprehensively enhance the quality of the Company’s development and strengthen its investment value as a listed company.

In the future, COSL will continue to prioritize the construction of new productive forces, establish effective mechanisms for high-quality development, focus on its core responsibilities and business, emphasize value creation, advance the modernization of its governance system and capabilities, accelerate its progress towards becoming a world-class company, and create greater value for the society with outstanding performance.