Corporate Image

This "COSL" acronym embodies our "Always Do Better" corporate spirit. The bold block letter font chosen illustrates the strength, resilience and pro-activeness deep seated in our corporate culture: a. a recognition of our results and improvements achieved; b. our openness to face our own shortcomings and inadequacies; c. the limitless room for improvement for today versus yesterday, for tomorrow versus today; d. our choice to improve facing stiff competition, or be otherwise eliminated. This is the charm people normally expect a world-class oilfield service company exhibits.

The "COSL" sign is visually trustworthy, subdue yet splendid, focused and dedicated, conveying the Company's determination and confidence in building a world-class oilfield service entity. It is a metaphor of the unrelenting pursuit of self-initiated improvements and innovations by all COSL staff.

The ocean blue color for the letters "C", "O" and "L" illustrates the sea-bound attribute of our industry, implying our crave for mutually beneficial development with our business partners in momentums that move energetically like ocean tides. The passionate red color used in the letter "S" highlights the attitude we adopt in rendering our services and the synergistic value we contribute as a strategic partner of CNOOC: a provider of high-quality services, a contributor of low-cost solutions and a creator of high efficiency. The combination of blue and red colors is eye-catching, generous, energetic and passionate. It conveys a strong visual impact and identity, denoting a development momentum in full-throttle strength and that improves over time.

The COSL image is simple and easily memorable. It has all attributes as a brand that meets our needs in our international development.

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