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Casing & Tubing Running

COSL has five domestic-sited operation bases and more than 400 professional personnel. Being certified by DNV, it can provide various tailor-made services supporting by its own offshore conductor-driving penetration analysis software, casing cutting and beveling equipment, and adapted 26" casing power tongs. COSL has been widely acclaimed by Petro China, Conoco-Phillips, ENI , Devon Energy , and ROC Oil for providing excellent quality, high efficiency, and superior service.

The main services include:

conventional casing and tubing running service of 36"to 2⅜"

casing of 13CR-alloy and tubing running service ranging from 13⅜" to 2⅜"

HTHP and special-sizes casing and tubing running

highly-deviated-well surface casing running

special thread type casing and tubing running

conductor driving

casing cutting

locking/unlocking service

top driving casing running

wellhead assembling/ disassembling