COSL is dedicated to achieving regulatory compliance with the law, to following industrial standards, and to implementing industrial best practices during its operations. By implementing integrated management system, COSL strives to deliver service excellences to our clients sustainably and pursue the goal of ZERO ACCIDENT to our employees, environment and the assets.

In the journey of achieving GOAL ZERO, COSL is committed to:

Continuously improve the Safety Management and QHSE system by measuring, appraising, reporting and benchmarking the performance;
Demonstrate visible safety leadership by actively engaging in QHSE management process at all levels of managers;
Raise QHSE awareness amongst all employees through comprehensive program of training and education;
Empower our employees to stop any operation if they believe there is a dangerous situation;
Protect environment and sustainable production;
Continuously implement and practice emergency response plan to avoid accident escalations and minimize losses;
Promote a culture to share and to pass on our safety value;
Require contractors to manage QHSE in accordance with this policy.