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Solids Control Services

COSL offers customers the integrated solids-control technical services, including design of solids-control schemes, development of solids-control systems, equipment leasing, and integrated on-site centrifuge and centrifuge-processing systems. COSL possess advanced operations technologies and capabilities, including a large processing capacity, high separation efficiency, and re-utilization of weighting materials. Since 2013, COSL has been designated "Total S.A International Pre-Qualified Contractor".

Drilling Waste Management Services

In accordance to national and local laws, regulations, requirements and standards, COSL created a systematic, comprehensive, and integrated system of “Waste Management in Life Span of Oil-Gas Fields”, researching and developing systems and equipment technologies for the treatment and disposal of oilfield solid wastes. At an average of twenty drilling platforms per year, COSL’s program started with drilling water management services in 2009. To date (2015) COSL’s Waste Management Services have treated and disposed approximately 25,000 cubic meter of drilling waste from more than 110 well sites. COSL has been declared “Total S.A. International Pre-qualified Contractor” since 2013.