Marine salvage
Over the years, while ensuring its production safety, the Company made use of its advantages in resources to actively participate in marine salvage. In 2014, the Company mobilized 25 vessel-times and participated in 23 marine salvages, rescued 20 vessels and 173 persons. In 2014, the Company was awarded various recognitions on marine salvage. The Zhanjiang operating company of the Company’s marine support and transportation division was awarded the “advanced unit in marine salvage in 2014” by th...
Promoting employment
With the continuous development of the Company businesses, the Company focused on recruitment from colleges as well as the society and recruited 1,871 employees of different roles in 2014, which created employment opportunities.
Supporting education
In 2014, we continued to make donating money for education as an important way to practice social responsibility and we supported the development of education in poor areas through donating materials and money for kids to enjoy more educational resources.
Care for the community
The Company places high importance for the community while promoting its own regional business development. We encourage the employees to offer help to their neighbors who are in difficulties and give warmth to local families so as to build up a harmonious community relationship.
Volunteer work
The Company set up a team of young volunteers and encouraged the employees to participate in volunteer work and to practice the volunteer spirit of "dedication, friendship, mutual aid and progress” to care for the society. Through volunteer work, the Company encouraged its employees to participate and provide caring for the society together. The Company also carried out volunteer and charity activities such as blood donation, public environmental protection and other forms of activities, organiz...