INP neutron logging tool while drilling

INP emits fast neutrons to formation using the neutron source installed on the instrument, and the instrument detector measures the amount of the thermal neutrons reaching the detector after the formation’s absorption and attenuation, and then the hydrogen index and porosity of the formation can be calculated. The instrument uses Am-241/Be neutron source and HE3 tubes detector. Ultrasonic transducer is installed for clearance detection and compensation calculation.

Tool specifications
Tool OD: 6.75″
Max.. body OD: 190mm
Hole size range: 8.5~9.875″
Max.. working temperature: 150℃
Max.. working pressure: 20,000 psi
Flow rate: 225~650 gpm
Applicable vibration: ≤20 grms(5Hz~1 kHz)
Applicable impact: 500 g@1ms half sine
Measurement of neutron porosity

Measuring range: 0~100 pu
Measuring accuracy: ±0.5 pu ( 0~10 pu)

±5% (10~50 pu)

Longitudinal resolution: 12″
Ultrasonic well diameter measurement

Measuring range: 8.5~12″
Accuracy: ±0.2″


Measurement of formation porosity