• Profile Logging Technology
  • Residual Oil Saturation Logging
  • Well Testing and Interpretation
Production Profile Logging

The logging that understands the changes in yield and property of the produced fluid in single layer or section during the production of the oil-gas well includes the flow rate logging, density logging, holdup logging, temperature logging, pressure logging, etc.

Oil-water Two-phase Yield Profile Interpretation Result Figure
Oil-gas Two-phase Yield Profile Interpretation Result Figure
Horizontal Well Production Profile Logging

The probing technique that the crawl device is used to run down the process and multi-probe measuring instrument system (SAT, RAT, CAT) could determine the production profile of the highly-deviated well and horizontal wells, thus providing basis for next stimulation measures. Meanwhile, this technology could solve the backflow problem of the production profile logging.

Horizontal Well Production Profile Logging Interpretation Figure
Injection profile logging

It is a logging method that uses turbine flow meter to determine the water or gas amount of different formations in water flooding field or gas flooding field. It is used to determine the effectiveness of the injection layer, monitor the dispersion range of the fluid, find out and measure the loss of single layer and understand the movement of the injection fluid under the well comprehensively. The injection profile logging technology mainly includes five-parameter logging and oxygen activation logging.

Five-parameter Injection Profile Logging Interpretation Result Figure
Oxygen Activation Logging Interpretation Result Figure
Mule Downhole Tractor

Mule tractor is used to draw cementing tools, production logging tools, multi-finger imaging tools or perforating guns to designed logging depth in tubing or casing. With separate operation system, mule tractor works without interfering other tools. The dragging speed of the mule tractor can be adjusted by surface microprocessor, and its arm can be drawn back automatically in case of emergency. Mule tractor features surface data simulation via specific software to adjust its downhole position so as to reduce downhole risk.

Surface system
Data simulation
Downhole tractor