Well Intervention

The engineering logging includes the measurement and evaluation technology for oil casing damage, for cementing quality and integrated testing and evaluation technology.

Oil Casing Damage Detection

Multi-arm borehole diameter imaging, precise and high-resolution internal pipe size measurement could be used to evaluate the lining damage of the fine casing, and could displayed in 3D manner. It is equipped with 24-arm, 40-arm and 60-arm instrument, which are suitable for oil pipe and casing damage detection.

Sector Cement Bond

The sector cement bond logging (CBMT/SBT/RBT/RIB) is used to evaluate the cementing quality, interlayer pack-off capability.

Multifunction ultrasonic Imaging

One-time logging and two measurements, could complete the evaluation of the casing damage and measurement of cementing bond quality, and could provide precise damage evaluation on internal and external wall and wall thickness of casing pipe together with multi-arm borehole diameter imaging logging.