Long term zonal isolation

Pursuing the integrity of cement sheath within the life of well by technical approaches to withstand mechanical packer fails, thermal erodes, chemical attacks and temperature, pressure changes is our ultimate objective.

Comprehensive cementing service chain

The Oilfield Chemical of COSL provides the safe, high-quality and efficient well cementing services to the global customers with its rich offshore and onshore cementing experiences. The comprehensive well cementing services are solution-based with effective cement placement technology, optimized cement slurry systems, cementing engineering design, software simulation, pumping equipment, wellhead, downhole tools and casing accessories. With self-owned cement slurry systems and chemicals, the core cementing technology has been developed. The Oilfield Chemical of COSL is a reliable service provider in the conventional cementing service. It is also the leading cementing contractor for the unconventional cementing applications, including, HTHP, deepwater, deepwater HTHP, salt formation, ultra deep well and other complex downhole condition and etc, for its cutting edge technologies such like cement slurry systems, additives and various solutions to the whole cementing services chain.

Quality and customized services

The Oilfield Chemical of COSL provides integrated solutions and products in accordance with API standards and requirements to the global customers, covering equipment, tools, additives, QHSE management and personnel services. At the same time, we are providing customized well cementing solution based on our optimized engineering design, enterprise standard and quality control system..