Offshore cementing equipment

PCS-521 Dual Pump Cementing Skid is a integrated kind skid of cementing equipment. According to the designated job plan, it can carry out the automatic continuous mixing and pumping the cement slurry under high pressure. Such cementing equipment is mainly used for the offshore oilfield cementing operation, acidizing and pressure test.

EngineCAT C15,530 HP @ 2100 RPM , 2 sets
TransmissionALLISION 4700 OFS , 5 forward gears +neutral position , 2 sets
Cementing pumpSJS TPH400 , plunger size: 4.5" and 4" , 2 sets
Three-cylinder plunger pump
ModelTPH 400, reciprocating, horizontal, single-action plunger pump
Stroke8" (203.2mm)
Rated pressure76.2 MPA @4.5″plunger; 103.4 MPA @4″ plunger
Maximum displacement1.52 m3/min @4.5″plunger; 1.20 m3/min @4″plunger
ACM slurry mixing system
MixerHigh energy re-circulating mixer
Mix water pumpMission 4X3 X13; 1.65 m3/min @ 0.78MPa ;2 sets
Circulating pump/booster pumpSJS 6X5 X11; 3.70 m3/min @ 0.45MPa; 2 sets
DensimeterMicro Motion non-radioactive densimeter
Mixer skid7.5BBL
Displacement tank2 X 10 BBL