Sand Control Tools

COSL Openhole Horizontal Gravel-Pack System (COHP)


COSL Openhole Horizontal Gravel-Pack System applied for gravel-pack sand control completion in openhole horizontal wells, which can successfully accomplish the string tripping in, setting, testing, releasing, circulation, gravel pack, acid, washing, tripping out etc. The designed string can maintain the pressure in horizontal wellbore, which is greater than that of formation, protecting the stability of openhole wall and ensuring smooth of the gravel pack operation.

• COHP allows normal circulation and proper rotating to resolve the problem of tight trip quickly, when tripping.

• The packer of COHP with beginner diameter has reliable setting and hanging performance, and two-stage setting mechanism

• COHP can bear load to prevent pipe moving and ensure the best filling result, when pack

• COHP can keep the well bore clean after pulling the service tool from the hole at the end of pack.

• COHP can withstand 46MPa working pressure and 300 degrees F (150 degrees C) working temperature, which could meet the requirement of frac-pack Completion.

COSL Openhole Horizontal Gravel-Pack System (COHP)

COSL Multi-Zone Sand Control System (CMZ)


COSL Multi-Zone Sand Control System is fitted for multilayer stand-alone sand control in offshore 9-5/8” or 7” casing wells. CMZ can withstand the pressure of 40MPa, and the temperature of 150℃.Several different steel grade of SSCS are available( such as API P110, API N80,API L80-9Cr,API L80-13Cr etc.), which can meet different requirements.

COSL Multi-Zone Sand Control System (CMZ)

COSL One-trip Multi-zone Gravel Pack System (CMP)


One-trip multi-zone gravel pack system is used for the oil&gas wells with multiple perforated zones with each zone requiring gravel pack. The process can be one-time trip in multi-zone service tools, zone-by-zone setting, pack, sealing and isolating to prevent leaking, realizing one-trip multi-zone unequal distance net pay gravel pack operations, greatly reducing well completion time.

• One-trip string, realizing packer setting and each-zone separated pack for single-well multi-zones, high operation efficiency.

• One-trip string for multiple sand-control service.

• Locating tool for the pack ,preventing string moving during pack.

• Isolation between layers when pack, preventing completion fluid leaking.

• Examination after every-layer pack, repack if necessary.

COSL One-trip Multi-zone Gravel Pack System (CMP)

Wellbore tool string structure

top packer + pack off Assembly + sealing tub + upper extension +pack sliding sleeve + lower extension + collar locator + sand screen/blank pipe + isolation packer + upper extension + pack sliding sleeve + lower extension + collar locator+ sand screen/blank pipe +snap latch + sump packer. The string uses ACME thread connecting with higher joint strength besides using LTC casing thread, and the tool surface location uses contour localization, having the function to prevent tool rotating and to assist sealing.

Service tool string structure

Setting tool + pack off + 4"&2-7/8"wash pipe + middle seal + GP Tool + MARS valve + load indicator + one way tool + two way tool + lower seal. Mostly using tougue&groove system+ O-ring to connect tools, reducing wall thickness, increasing the insider/outsider diameter, higher joint strength; commonly using contour localization for the tool surface location, functioning in preventing tool rotating and assisting sealing.