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The Principle: “Always Do Better”
COSL continuously formulates and improves strategic targets pursuant to its own actual and social development situation and strives to become one of the global leading oilfield service companies which the shareholders are satisfied with, employees are proud of and the society respects.
Strategic targets   Key recognitions during the year
Name of recognition Awarding Unit
Best Investor Relations Company Award Securities Times
Best New Media Operation Award Securities Times
A rating for information disclosure in 2019-2020 for listed companies on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange Shanghai Stock Exchange
China Business Top 100 Awards in 2020 20th China Business Top 100 Listed Companies Summit
Listed Company with Best Investor Relations Management Hong Kong Takung Wenhui Media Group, The Listed Companies Association of Beijing, The Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association, Hong Kong Securities Institute
Excellent Enterprise in Corporate Governance SINA Finance
Hottest Branding Listed Company SINA Finance
Hang Seng (China A) Corporate Sustainability Benchmark Index, Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Benchmark Index, Hang Seng (China A) Corporate Sustainability Index and Hang Seng (Mainland and HK) Corporate Sustainability Index Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited
Best Investment Value Award Top 100 Hong Kong Listed Companies Research Centre
COSL continued to improve corporate governance to strengthen our compliance infrastructure and improve corporate scientific management standard;Enhanced safety production inputs to facilitate safe and steady operation of the company; Pushed forward technical innovation to establish a technological innovative corporation.
In 2013, we further enhanced our internal control and management system to guarantee the implementation of internal management.
——Number of risk management trainings
——Number of participants in risk management trainings
——Number of anti-fraud training
——Number of participants in anti-fraud trainings
Safe production
Performance of safety production 2013
Index 2013
Number of injury incidents that can be recorded 35
Accumulated OSHA ratio 0.18
Accumulated working days lost ratio 1.7
Number of incidents 49
Number of death of employees 0
Number of death of contractors 2
Note:Accumulated OSHA ratio = recordable incidents×200000 / total working hours
Accumulated working days lost ratio = working days lost×200000 / total working hours
Upholding the guiding principle of “safety and prevention first, integrated management”, the Company actively constructs safety management of the teams and groups, launches standardization activities for safe production and fully enhances the working standard to lay a solid foundation for safety management and to become an intrinsically safe enterprise.
The Company paid much attention to the emergency management and continued to optimize the emergency management system and strengthened the on-site emergency trainings and drills in order to ensure the emergency rescue work can be duly carried out in case of emergency. The injury cases of employees can thus be reduced to a large extent and mitigate the pollution problem and property loss.
Quality management   Quality services
The Company adhered to the philosophy of “guarantee the quality for our reputation” and kept improving its quality control to provide high quality products and services for customers to meet their needs and enhance customers satisfaction.
PTTEP geophysical project in Thailand
——After 3.5 months, HYSY719 completed its 2,776 square kilometers 3D seismic collection operation. Its action brought good reputation for the Company’s geophysical business in overseas market.

The Company is the major supplier of offshore geophysical and surveying services, drilling services, well services and marine support and transportation services in China. Its business is also present in the offshore regions of Southeast Asia, Europe, America and the Middle East.

Innovative approach for the installation of Christmas tree
In 2013, the utility surveying vessel HYSY 708 individually completed the installation of Christmas tree.
Completion of second innovation project with efficiency and quality on Qikou 18-1”
With innovative technologies and advanced tools and management, the secondary innovation project of Qikou 18-1 was completed with high efficiency and high quality.
Improving communication with customers  
In 2013, the Company's overseas projects was highly regarded and recognized by customers.
Norway Outstanding rig management and operating capability of CDE (COSL Drilling Europe AS) was recognized among customers and ranked number one in the comprehensive performance evaluation of all drilling contractors of Statoil COSLPioneer was recognized as the “Rig of the Month” twice
Indonesia BH8 ranked number one of drilling contractors of Pertamina
Mexico The COSL2, COSL3 and COSL4 rigs were awarded the recognition of “Star of safety in a thousand days”
Care for our staff


Summary of staff training in 2013
Training 71,793 persons
Total training hours: 1,115,802 hours
4 senior management studied systematically for Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)
12 technical talents attended overseas training of engineering master for one year
15 technical experts of the Company participated in the one-month exchange
44 strategic backup employees trained for one year
Significant performance in overseas team construction
In 2013, the Company organized sectional training courses. 20 and 100 employees attended elementary and intermediate English trainings respectively. 34 attended the targeted pre-dispatch training. At the same time, excellent front-line staff and experts were selected to study abroad, thus improving the level of technical management. At present, among those attended international talent training, 130 people are working overseas, accounting for 10% of the trained employees.
Demonstrate the talents in skill
In 2013, the Company organized crane operator match and well cementing match in the 5th professional skills competition of CNOOC, and won 2 gold,4 silver and 9 bronze medals in crane operator, well cementing and electric maintenance matches.5employees were honoured as “professional technician in centrally-controlled state-owned enterprise”.
Win-win partnership   Social giving
On 10 October 2013, COSL and PBS Brunei entered into an agreement regarding the establishment of a joint venture. This broadened the cooperation between China and Brunei in oilfield services.
1595 million In the past 3 years, the Company made charity donations amounting to RMB15.95 million, mainly for supporting reconstruction in Sichuan afterearthquake, financial aid for education and social welfare.
20 salvage In 2013, the Company mobilized 26 vessel-times and participated in 20 marine salvages, 1 marine route guarding for local government under ice disaster, rescued 18 vessels and 52 persons.
1129 people With the Company’s ongoing development, the Group focused on recruitment from colleges as well as the society and recruited 1,129 employees of different roles in 2013.
11669 million On 20 April 2013, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Ya’an, Sichuan. 11,669 employees volunteered to raise a total of RMB964,100 fund for supporting the devastation area of Ya’an.
Clean production   Qualified discharge   News

The Company adhered to the sustainable development philosophy of “green, clean, low-carbon and circular economy” and implemented the concept of green and low carbon into every detail in production and operation. clean production and saved 13,718 tonnes of standard coal equivalent during the


In 2013, total volume of collected solid waste materials of the year was 3,994.035 tonnes.

Marine Discharged substance Measures for qualified discharge
Domestic sewage The Company invested in the upgrades of anti-pollution facilities and equipment. Sewage pumps and excretory treatment installations on the rigs were replaced. Drainage waterways of residential area were rebuilt. Upon treatment, the discharge of domestic sewage in the rigs reached relevant standards.
Domestic waste Garbage crushers were installed in the rigs and vessels to handle the leftover food to pursue qualified discharge. The other domestic waste were packed and sent for on-shore treatment.
Oil polluted water Oil polluted water goes through the treatment machine before discharging. Rigs are equipped with waste oil cans to separate polluted oil and waste oil to send for on-shore treatment.