Technology of Drilling and Completion Fluids

COSL aims to provide efficiency, scientific and low cost services for clients, and continuously promote technical innovation of serializable and customized drilling and completion fluid systems which are applicable for a large scope of drilling fields, such as, extended-reach well, HTHP well, deepwater well, etc.

PEM Drilling Fluid System

The PEM system is one kind of environment-friendly water-based anti-collapse drilling fluid system. Its main agent PF-JLX has a cloud point effect, which may make the water-based drilling fluid show similar properties of oil-based drilling fluid when the content of PF-JLX is sufficient, thereby the agent has good stabilizing wellbore and lubricity. It has been widely applied in more than 1000 wells in some oilfields such as the Bohai Bay, the East China Sea, the South China Sea, and Dagang Oilfield, Shengli Oilfield, Jidong Oilfield and Tarim Oilfield since 1995. It has high working efficiency and excellent reservoir protection properties. Its characteristics are as follows: 1) strong inhibition; 2) excellent lubricity; 3) strong resistance to contamination; 4) low damage to the reservoir; 5) environment friendly; 6) little impact on logging.

PF-JLX before Heating
PF-JLX after Heating
GREENDRILL Drilling Fluid System

The GREENDRILL system is a fully biodegradable environment-friendly drilling fluid developed for environmentally sensitive areas, which combines nano-scale deformable physical plugging technology and intelligent inner mud cake technology. The system is constructed from a biodegradable treatment agent with very low biotoxicity, with LC50 value more than 60000ppm, BOD5 / COD value close to 1, and biodegradability rate of 100%. It is suitable for offshore and onshore oilfields with high environmental requirements. The system is characterized by 1) low environmental damage, 2) good lubrication performance, 3) strong inhibition to shale, 4) with no fluorescence or interference with logging operations. The system is widely used in Bohai Sea, South China Sea and Middle East.

Oil-in-water Emulsion Drilling Fluid System

Oil-in-water emulsion drilling fluid is formed by spreading the oil on a certain quantity of water base serous fluid with emulgator, its internal phases are: such oil phases as diesel, crude oil, all kinds of low-toxicity mineral oils, etc; its external phases are: fresh water or sea water + viscosifier + filtrate reducer + emulsion, etc. Viscosifier and filtrate reducer are necessary materials for configuring drilling fluid, while emulsion is key to stability of water-base oil-emulsion drilling fluid.