Geological and Reservoir Services

COSL has formed technical systems including high water-cut oilfield comprehensive treatment reservoir study, integrated study on the fracturing of low-permeability geological reservoir, and the study on multi-component thermal fluid reservoir by thermal recovery for offshore heavy oil in terms of integrated geological and reservoir study and single-well stimulation support. The technical system for the study on comprehensively managed reservoir for high water-cut oilfields includes the diagnosis on reservoir problems, integrated analysis and evaluation on development effect, study on the distribution of remaining oil, analysis on measure adaptability, preparation of integrated adjustment scheme as well as effectiveness evaluation; the technical system for the integrated study on the fracturing of low-permeability geological reservoir includes the integrated evaluation on the low-permeability and non-conventional hydrocarbon well logging, the well and layer selection for fracturing, optimization design of single well fracturing, optimization design of overall fracturing, fracturing effect evaluation, fracture-packing and sand control as well as coal-bed fracturing; the technical system for the study on multi-component thermal fluid reservoir by thermal recovery for offshore heavy oil includes the characterization technique for the multi-component thermal fluids stimulation mechanism, multi-component thermal fluids huff-puff injection-production parameters optimization and production prediction, multi-component thermal fluid multi-round huff-puff comprehensive treatment and multi-component thermal fluid recovery effect evaluation technology.

The working software includes the numerical simulation software Eclipse, the numerical simulation software CMG, the profile control and displacement of situ CO2 generation within the formation and effect prediction software, the formation damage quantitative diagnosis software, the measure and layer-selection auxiliary software, dynamic analysis and auxiliary software for CBM production, multi-component thermal fluid reservoir simulation system (TOPSIM) software, multi-component thermal fluid production prediction and scheme optimization software, multi-component thermal fluid huff-puff and gas channeling warning software, etc., which could provide all-dimension and integrated solutions according to the demands and problems in oilfield development and production.

  • High Water-cut Oilfield Comprehensive Treatment Reservoir Technology
  • Integrated Research Technology for Low-permeability Geological Reservoir
  • Offshore Heavy-oil Multi-component Thermal Fluid Recovery Reservoir Technology

Process Introduction

The high water-cut oilfield comprehensive treatment reservoir technology is based on the field performance analysis and the remaining oil distribution research technology, together with the reservoir problem diagnosis technology for oil-water wells, stimulation measure screening and adaptability analysis technology, stimulation measure parameters design and optimization technology, stimulation measure effectiveness prediction and evaluation technology, could propose supporting stimulation measures adaptable to the oilfields scientifically, rapidly and accurately, and customize and prepare integrated oilfield adjustment scheme.

Technical Applicability

This technology is mainly used to develop the oilfield at the middle and later stage, and could provide perfect theoretical direction for improving the development effectiveness as well as matching with the treatment measures and technical support service.


In recent years, COSL has completed integrated analysis and evaluation projects for more than 10 large-scale and medium-scale oilfields as well as a dozens of well group each year based on the full range of reservoir geological analysis capacity; completed the residual oil distribution predication for over 20 offshore oilfields and well groups by flooding analysis technology, supported more than 80 well-times of profile control (displacement) operations rapidly; prepared more than 10 integrated adjustment schemes for old oilfields.