Enhanced Cross-dipole Array Acoustic Logging Tool (EXDT)

EXDT could measure the formation time differences of longitudinal wave, full wave of longitudinal wave, full wave of dipole shear wave as well as the full wave of orthogonal crossover dipole. It is mainly used to interpret the rock physics basically, and can also to evaluate the porosity, the determine the lithology, identify the gas reservoir, analyze the permeability, determine the formation strike, the anisotropy of the formation rocks as well as the distribution of the principal formation stress.

Instrument Features:

l  Multi-pole measurement

l  Full wave train records

l  Measure the formation wave orthogonally

l  Evaluate the level changes of formation structure

l  Identify the changes in geologic sedimentation of the formation in the borehole

l  Identify the cracks and strike of the formation in the borehole

Application Conditions:

Wellbore diameter: 114mm (4.5in) to 533.4mm (21in)