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Electromagnetic Wave Resistivity LWD (ACPR)

ACPR is a LWD instrument integrating electrical resistivity and natural gamma measurement together, which could measure the strength and resistivity of the natural gamma rays in the formation in real time, and is of great application significance in reservoir evaluation and real-time geo-steering drilling accurately. 

Instrument Features:

l  Integrate the resistivity and natural gamma measurement together, with compact structure, reliable and robust performance

l  Feature with double-frequency, dual source,  coil system of symmetrical structure, with multiple probing depths and high longitudinal resolution

l  Adopt symmetrical measurement mode, reduce the impact of changes in environmental factors on measurement effectively

l  The measuring circuit is featured with low power consumption, and high reliability; and the measuring system is equipped with automatic temperature drift correction function

l  Equip with automatic correction software for borehole effect and complete interpretation, correction chart, with accurate and reliable results