Cementing simulation software system

Cementing engineering design simulation software has been widely used in deep well, HTHP well and extended reach well for cementing design, calculation and analysis. Offering advanced features of high accuracy of ECD calculation, low mean error of BHCT prediction and reasonable prognosis of displacement efficiency, the software provides a reliable calculation support for the implement of narrow window pressure cementing, cement slurry design and cementing quality prediction. The software has been not only widely domestically applicable for cementing software services, including Shell, Four-Seas and Xinjiang, but recognized by Indonesia, Iraq and other overseas cementing operation for professionalism.
  • Cementing engineering design
  • Circulation Temperature
  • Displacement Efficiency
  • Centralizer Placement Design software
  • Other functions

Applicable for cementing design for land, jack-up platform and semi-submersible rigsplatform.

Particularly applies to extended reach wells, horizontal wells, deep wells, deepwater wells, HTHP wells, and lost circulation wells.

Handling Import and auto-calculating of various formats variation of trajectory data.

Measured well diameter data can be processed quickly, and the design of ring capacity and cement slurry can be calculated according to the measured well diameter data.

Analysis of various flow patterns of fluids.

Analysis of various flow regimes, including Newton model, Bingham model, power-law model and Herschel Bulkley model.

According to the actual measurement of rotary viscometer, the software can automatically select the most accurate rheological model.

Considering influence of temperature and pressure on the rheology.

Processing pressure drop calculation with considering the effect of pipe joint.

Considering influence of eccentric column on the friction pressure drop under condition of pressure drop calculation.

This software can provide exact calculation of wellbore pressure, compared with pore pressure and fracture pressure, output the three-pressure-profile.

Calculation of pressure or equivalent circulation density (ECD) with the real time of variation TMD.

Setting up multiple leakage formation, this software can be used to analyze the formation of wellbore pressure and fracture pressure.

During cementing process, this software can calculate the casing load changes due to the change of liquid density by the casing strength: tensile strength and internal pressure strength, anti-collapse strength.

Cementing process can be dynamically simulated, showing the flow pattern, pressure profile, pump pressure and other parameters.