Pumping Services

COSL is able to provide integrated services including operational design, tools manufacture and operation preparation, with a skillful onsite operation crew.

Sand control pumping service

COSL has 3 pumping crews including 103 experienced onsite engineers and operators, operating 59 sets of sand control equipment including 5 fracturing pumps and 5 sets of gravel pack equipment.

Type PGS2250 SSH1250 SFS1000A SPM900
RHP 2250HP 1100HP 1000HP 1000HP
RPM 1900RPM 1900RPM 1900RPM 2100RPM
Pumping HP(HP) 2000HP 975HP 975HP 791HP
Rated Pumping pressure(Psi) 11459Psi 10000Psi 10000Psi 10065Psi
Max Delivery capacity(BPM) 16BPM 14BPM 14BPM 13BPM
Stroke Size 5" x 8" 5" x 8" 5" x 8" 4.5" x 8"
Suction Head Size 4" 4" 4" 4"
Pump Outlet Size 3" 3" 3" 3"
Sand control pumping service

DE Filter

DE Filter is specialized in the manufacturing of heavy-duty filter presses for on- and offshore use. The presses are especially designed for complete fluid, work over fluids, Seawater filtration; they should be delivered with a separated slurry skid and all necessary auxiliaries. The filter press is supplied with a suitable slurry skid to mix and add filter aid to the press. The slurry skid is equipped with an air driven diaphragm pump for pre-coating and an air driven diaphragm pump for body-feed. The SS mix tank is equipped with an agitator air mixing system for homogeneous mixing of the DE with the fluid.

DE Filter